Monday, April 22, 2013

There's Trouble in Paradise or, in This Case, Paradys

I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of a second book.

Trouble in Paradys, to be released in late June, isn't part of the Stitching Post romances (the next story in that series is still in process). My new story is a bit different. It's part fantasy, part comedy, and all romance.

Here's a bit about it:
Psychology professor, Peggy Oster intends to spend her summer vacation doing nothing more than watching classic sitcoms and reading her backlog of romance novels. Instead, she wakes up the first morning in a strange dimension where all the residents look like they were chosen for their roles by a Hollywood casting agent.

Xandro never planned to be wizard; he wants to be a chef. The inept magician can make a perfect soufflĂ©, but his spells leave much to be desired. Still, he’s not ready to relinquish his Court position when a fiery-haired young woman shows up at the castle gate.

Can the unlikely pair put aside their differences in order to rescue the Royals, who have been abducted? If not, Peggy will be stuck in this strange world with no way back to Kansas.

Where are all the ruby slippers when a gal needs them?

Happy reading/happy writing!
~ Stephanie