Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wow! Now I Need to Get Busy and Blog!

I was thrilled and pleasantly surprised to find I've been the recipient of a special award from one of my favorite new authors, Patricia Kiyono.  She presented me with the Liebster Blog award, which is supposed to be given to "up and coming bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers". 

Patty is a newly published author at Astraea Press, and a good friend.  Her first novel, The Legacy, was published in July of 2011 as part of Astraea Press' efforts to raise money to contribute to the tsunami relief efforts in Japan.  Since then, Patty has released The Christmas Phoenix and Aegean Intrigue.  Both highly enjoyable reads.

Patricia's blog,Creative Hodgepodge is an eclectic collection of musings from this author/crafter/seamstress/and self-proclaimed procrastinator.  Thanks for this honor, Patricia!

Now, here's what I have to do to accept this award is:
1. Thank the person who gave it to them and link back to that person's blog (done and done).
2. Copy and paste the award to your blog. (It's up at the top!)
3. Choose 5 blogs to award in kind and break the news by commenting on those blogs.
4. Hope those people pay it forward in turn by accepting and awarding "The Liebster Blog Award" to blogs they'd like to honor

And so, -- the envelope please -- Here's my choices for the five bloggers who deserve this award far more than me (my apologies if you have more than 200 followers -- I think you should have lots more!!):

Peg Cochran is a transplant from New Jersey who I met when she joined the Grand Rapids Region Writers' Group (GRRWG).  Peg has two cozy mystery series debuting from Berkley Prime Crime— the Sweet Nothings Vintage Lingerie series, written as Meg London, set in Paris, Tennessee with Emma Taylor who finds murder and mayhem in this quiet country town, and the Gourmet De-Lite series (under her own name) set in Connecticut and featuring Gigi Fitzgerald who provides gourmet diet meals to a select group of clients.  You can can find her at Meg London.

Another GRRWG author, Temple Hogan, inspires me as she has started a second successful writing career after retiring by tackling the sensual erotic romance genre.  Temple assures me it's never to late to start my writing career.  She can be found at Hot News Flash.

Like my friend Patricia Kiyono, Joselyn Vaughn is another author at Astraea Press.  Joselyn is mom to three lively youngsters, blogs faithfully, and still managed to get four books published.  A truly remarkable young woman!  You can find her at Joselyn Vaughn: The Things That Give Me Joy (And Sometimes Don't). 

W.S. Granger is author of the Mitch Malone mysteries.  W. S. Granger is author of the Mitch Malone mystery series.  Wendy started out as a romance writer, but soon found her niche was in the mystery arena and never hesitated to head in that direction.  She deserves this reward for taking that giant leap!

My last (but not least) recipient is  Writers Like Me .  This blog is filled with informational and entertaining topics about and for writers.  Kudos for this blog go to critique and business partners Mary Timmer and Cheryl Sterling
Well, these are my five nominees. It was hard choosing them because many of my favorite blogs already have hundreds of followers or are from people who have been blogging for years.  So I want to take my hat off to some of them:  Brynn Paulin (Brynn's comfort and Joy), Bronwyn Green (especially for her Riding in Cars with Boys), Tanya Eby, and Jennifer Armintrout.  I love your blogs and can always count on them for a pick-me-up.

Thanks again, Patty, this is an honor.  Now, I guess I need to start blogging faithfully!

Keep Writing,