Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy 2011!  

Wow, wasn't it just yesterday that we were all worried about the Y2K bug?  All that worry and all that nonsense for what amounted to be a lot of nothing.  The world didn't collapse, civilization didn't end.  I remember being at a New Year's Eve dance and, when midnight came, the lights never even flickered.

All that fuss and media flurry over nothing.

Isn't that often the case?  We get our tinsel in a tangle over the silliest things.  So often, the things that keep us up at night worrying, never happen.  And what do we get for all the worry?  A case of sleep deprivation.  Worry never changed anything.   

Scarlett O'Hara had the right idea.  Instead of fretting, she simply said "I'll think on it tomorrow."  So, if something bothers me and I find I can't sleep, I'm going to get up and make a list of pros and cons about the situation.  Then, when I've committed it all to paper, I'll leave it (and the worry) on my desk and go get a good night sleep.

Scarlett and I will deal with whatever it is tomorrow!
Sleep tight, my friends,
~ Stephanie