Monday, January 14, 2013

The Calico Heart has Arrived!

It seems like it's been a long time coming, but in truth, it was only a few months since my friend and critique partner, Patricia Kiyono and I first started working on The Calico Heart.

Now, drum roll please -- it has been released in e-format by a wonderful publisher, Astraea Press.  Astraea is known for providing good, clean, wholesome and entertaining books for readers. Not just romances but mysteries, paranormal, etc.

As for The Calico Heart, I can't begin to tell you what a high it was to see my name in print on the beautiful cover designed by Elaina Lee. And can you believe it, it's pink!!  I'm sure I'll be even more excited when I have a print copy to hold and admire -- I have just the spot picked out for it on my bookshelf!

The Calico Heart is the first book in the Stitching Post Romance series.  The stories all center around a group of women who meet in a quilt shop -- The Stitching Post -- to work on their projects once a week.  They range in ages from early 20s to mid-80s, and are as different as the quilts they make.  Each woman has a story to tell, and the romances are as heartwarming as your favorite quilt. Since I'm a sucker for happy endings, it was fun helping bring these characters to their Happily Ever After.   

The first story in the series is a bit unusual since our hero and heroine are in their mid-fifties and facing retirement.

On the surface, Sylvia Miller has a perfect life. She’s married to her college sweetheart, has three great kids, a rewarding career, and wonderful friends. But beneath the appearances, Sylvia is restless. She loves her husband, but wants to see more of the world than their peaceful Michigan town. For years, she’s dreamed of the interesting places she wants to visit. Now, their youngest child is grown, and Sylvia is ready for adventure.

Left a penniless orphan, David Miller promised himself his family would never know the same humiliation. For twenty-six years, he and Sylvia have lived frugally, saving for the future. Now, Dave is on the brink of a promotion that will ensure their financial security, but Sylvia wants him to retire and travel with her. 

When Dave refuses, Sylvia decides to go alone.  But it’s a decision that could cost them much more than money.       

You can find this book at Amazon (where you can read the first chapter for free), Barnes and Nobel, or the Astraea Press website.

Patty's other books are available there, too. Her titles, all published by Astraea Press include:
The Legacy, July 2011
The Christmas Phoenix, November 2011
Aegean Intrigue, February 2012
The Samurai's Garden, November 2012

We thank all our readers for their support, and we're already hard at work on books two and three. 

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