Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Lovely New Blog award

Oh, Look!
 It's a lovely new Blog Award.  So pretty and it's pink, too,  I want to thank two wonderful authors Chris Allen Riley and Joselyn Vaughn for sending this award to me. You should definitely check out their blogs and learn some new tidbits about them.

Here are  7 Random Bits of Information about Stephanie Michels:

1- I wrote at least 6 plays that were produced by the various schools I attended from  second grade to my  junior year of high school. One play I wrote was based on "The Pardoner's Tale" from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. I made it into a western called "The Padre's Tale".

2- I used to write a monthly software review column for Compute! Magazine.

3- My family is Slovak (Czechoslovakian) on both my parent's sides. In fact, all but 1 of my grandparents were born over there.

4- I absolutely love coffee!  It's my go to drink. I also love Coca-Cola Classic, but I try to steer clear of it due to my perpetual dieting.

5- Everyone assumes my favorite color is pink because I have so much of it. However, it isn't. I love pink, but my actual favorite color is actually pale teal. Yes, I know my Blog is pink and so is this award...but now you know the truth.

6- My favorite actor is Sean Connery. He was smokin' hot as James Bond, but he was even better as King Arthur in First Knight. He makes bald look sexy, and his accent is very yummy, too.

7-  I'm like the magpie in The Secret of Nimh...I love sparklies!  At last count, I have more than 300 different pair of earrings!
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